The Sky’s the Limit

Commitment is the Key to Service Factory Success

Invotek has been a blueprint for service factories for over three decades and has learned that building and maintaining a relationship is a key factor in progress and parallel growth. The fundamentals are apparent, such as an open-door policy, cost analysis, and transparency. But to keep that connection strong requires going beyond the obvious to prove that the reliance goes further than a product.

One of our longest relationships – 15 years – has been with a company that most recently awarded Invotek with the Supplier of the Year award for 2021. The Canadian company is one division of a much larger international powerhouse and has needed to be at the top of the global rankings to avoid consolidation. A relationship with Invotek has not only ensured their success but also added to it over the years.

The key to the success of this relationship has been flexibility. It is a need for any manufacturer, despite the bottom-line pressures that tend to push a factory into a one-dimensional approach to product development. Invotek continually has sought to be as flexible as possible with customers to ensure that all resources and capacity are available. This includes de factomentoring as the customer learned to become a globally competitive company. The transition from small to mid to high volume, which admittedly can be a struggle for many rising operations, was made smoother thanks to the collaborative partnership.

The award is a testament to Invotek’s service factory mission and validates its current direction for future global partnerships.


Invotek now has access to two hundred local and international consultants who are ready to help at a call’s notice. Invotek also has developed internal provisioning, warehousing, distribution and third-party logistics operations with access to both the Canadian and American markets. Its engineering capacities are growing and it is working to accommodate any electronics requirement by advancing at the same pace as technology.

There’s an old adage that the sky’s the limit although the means of getting there differs for almost every company. For Invotek, the blue sky comes in the form of a one-stop shop. They are exploring avenues to offer full life cycle care, from cradle to grave – and as a nod to the need for sustainability – rebirth. They are committed to relationships over the long term and this reward is a reflection of those efforts.

Invotek would be happy to talk with you about your needs and how we can be YOUR factory.


Matthew Ruscica
Vice President of Sales and Program Management
905-201-1787 ext 222