Making change to take charge

Matthew Ruscica

Invotek Inc, one of Canada’s leading electronics manufacturers is proud to announce the promotion of Matthew Ruscica to Vice President of Sales and Program Management.

Ruscica has been an integral part of the service factory model as the General Manager and will expand Invotek’s global footprint over the coming years. His decades of experience have provided the company with the right foundation to take the company to new heights.

One of the first orders of business in his new role is to change the face of the company behind the scenes. As Ruscica says, “You want good talented and skilled people but you also want to inject the organization with young blood. We’ve been fortunate to have a low turnover so we’re able to promote internally and then attract the right replacements to support our evolution.” The mix of young and old offers a significant benefit to any customer. The younger generation can grow into the already established relationships fostered by the older members of the Invotek team. This approach also ensures that all sectors of the company, such as program management, engineering, and supply chain, will be kept current without any downtime due to resignations of longstanding personnel.

The promotion comes just in time as Invotek has amalgamated their various local supply chains into one global and now needs to keep up with the ever-quickening pace of advancement and interest. Although the company relies mostly on word of mouth to acquire customers, there is significant interest in the company as Ruscica has recently learned. “I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and I was used to a regular level of daily calls. But all I did was change my title on my LinkedIn profile and my phone almost blew up! It was exciting how that one small change revealed the traction Invotek has in the global market.”

As for what Ruscica sees as being the key to Invotek’s success, he (jokingly) claims…
”If we can’t make it… you don’t need it!”


But the reality is that the answer is just as simple. “We are aiming to be the three-legged stool of success.” The moves will add value to the stakeholders in the form of a doubling of revenues over the next 18 months. The changes will solidify Invotek as indispensable to its customers with their mission of being their factory. As for the employees undergoing the shift, they are already happy working with Invotek and will continue to be seen as the most important factor the company’s success.

For Ruscica, the change and the outcome are simply a part of the plan. “When I first started in this business, the idea of service factory was just emerging. Now, we offer the latest engineering techniques for product development, cost-effective, transparent, and flexible program management, and a cradle to grave service that provides customers with the oft desired but usually elusive one stop shop.”


Matthew Ruscica
Vice President of Sales and Program Management
905-201-1787 ext 222