Merging Your Factory with Logistics


There are several challenges to manufacturing that are outside the scope of a traditional factory. Raw material supply chain, warehousing, and distribution are all issues that can impact manufacturing based on how smoothly they fit into the production stream.

One answer is to increase the brick-and-mortar footprint as well as take on additional financial burdens in the form of human resources, and equipment. The other is to outsource the required elements and operate using third party logistics (3PL).

Invotek offers a third option. They can be both your factory and your third party. Recently, they acquired new infrastructure and have compartmentalized the space to allow for 3PL for a variety of customers. They currently can perform provisioning, clean room testing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution all under the same roof. In addition to the current manufacturing footprint, Invotek has become a customer developer with the capability of overseeing the entire life cycle of any product.

Choosing Invotek for all your 3PL needs can help to increase revenue as this is a significantly more cost-effective option. Based on previous customer experiences, returns on investment can occur in a matter of months. This is far more attractive than assuming significant liability on capital commitments. In addition, any additional costs due to expansion can be reduced through Invotek’s significant international expertise, which is shared with the customer.

That experience also can help reduce the amount of logistical red tape of taking on a separate 3PL group.


There is no need to translate information as the entire manufacturing process is covered by umbrella management. This guarantees interoperability and makes expansion straightforward. Invotek also can assume downstream customer service such that any issues can be handled by a single website or phone number.

There is one much larger benefit with choosing Invotek for both manufacturing and logistics. Trust. Invotek is firmly committed to its customers and every relationship is important regardless of the size of the contract. The company ensures every step of the life cycle is treated with the respect and diligence the customer expects. The company appreciates that every customer wants some control over their product and is happy to guarantee both transparency and an open door. The same can be said for its human resources as the company enjoys a high level of satisfaction and low turnover amongst its employees. The customer can be sure that there will be no hidden surprises due to personnel instability.

Invotek strives to be the best electronics manufacturer by giving its customers the one stop shop experience. The company has become a leader as your factory from sketch to SKU and now, thanks to the addition of 3PL, they can be a customer’s partner from cradle to grave and all stages in between. With over three decades of growth, Invotek knows what it is like to take an idea and turn it into a global leader. Let them help you to make your dream a reality.


Matthew Ruscica
Vice President of Sales and Program Management
905-201-1787 ext 222