here is what ‘your factory’ makes possible

The Invotek Group of companies partners with organizations around the globe to make the impossible possible, here are some stories from our clients about how ‘you factory’ brought these programs to life, on time and on budget.

optishot 2 product launch

Optishot’s V2 Golf Simulator System had been in production for 2 years.
The quality levels were generally


broadcast technology

When a natural disaster hit, the Invotek Group of companies were called upon to take over a complex design


lighting technology

A customer came to Invotek Group with a problem, they needed to launch a full turn-key lighting and control


smart water meters

A Canadian company acquired the rights to supply 15,000 smart water meters per month and needed a factory


Invotek Group prototyped and delivered volume production of full turn-key lighting and control systems in three months.

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Client Stories