the optishot 2 product launch storyOptishot made Invotek’s ‘Your Factory’ theirs

Optishot’s V2 Golf Simulator System had been in production for 2 years. The quality levels were generally good, but their supplier was not viewed as a long term partner to support Optishot’s business objectives and technology roadmaps.

Optishot was intrigued with Mara’s Value Proposition in the areas of:

  • Rapid launch
  • Value added engineering services
  • Collaborative relationships

Optishot awarded Maratech the project and plans were developed to quickly launch production operations, with an emphasis on protecting Optishot’s forecasted demand.

“OptiShot GOLF has been extremely impressed with the attention to detail the Invotek Group’s team has shown in the design, project management and launch schedule for our technology. Their management team has been involved at every level to ensure the sourcing, pricing, and subsequent manufacturing has been fully optimized to provide OptiShot with the best solutions.”

Kevin Johnston, President, COO, OptiShot Golf

Invotek’s “Your Factory” production launch details of the optishot 2

  • Extensive engineering involvement
  • Injection molds designed and built
  • Turn key materials management
  • PCBA production trials and validation
  • Development of programming and functional test methodologies
  • Production consumer packaging
  • Introduction to business relationships for sales and distribution

Optishot 2 was shipped from Invotek in under 5 months, on time and under budget.

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