the optishot 2 product launch storyOptishot made Invotek’s ‘Your Factory’ theirs

Golf is the game for business
Over 100 million people play golf in the United States alone. It continues to be the sport of business and many a deal is made on the course.

But much like a good handshake, a good golf drive is now a necessity to impress others and maintain one’s esteem.

Optishot has been providing the opportunity to work on the game at home with its simulation package. For many years, Optishot has been the world’s leading manufacturer of golf simulation products and provides the most realistic at-home golfing experience.

In 2012, the product was loved by all who purchased it.

New Technology. New Ideas
As technology advanced, a more realistic version of the golfing experience became reality. For Optishot, this meant updating their swingpad so that every single swing mimicked what would be seen on the course.

The vision was ambitious. The logistics were equally challenging. The key was the development of a swingpad that contained sixteen infared sensors tuned and calibrated for every club during the entire swing, not just on contact. To achieve this goal meant a complete design of the manufacturing process.

To make it even tougher, it had to be done in a matter of weeks/months, not years.

“OptiShot GOLF has been extremely impressed with the attention to detail the Invotek Group’s team has shown in the design, project management and launch schedule for our technology. Their management team has been involved at every level to ensure the sourcing, pricing, and subsequent manufacturing has been fully optimized to provide OptiShot with the best solutions.”

Kevin Johnston, President, COO, OptiShot Golf

Invotek is Your Technology Partner

Optishot chose one of the Invotek Group of companies, Mara Technologies, to build the Optishot 2. Choosing a domestic factory as a collaborator provided the benefits of:

  • Multiyear production history
  • Easy to access engineering consultants
  • Easy monitoring of progress in relation to forecasted demand
  • Rapid launch of the product

As the collaboration continued, Invotek stayed ahead of the obstacles and avoided many of the issues companies face when performing a redesign such as:

  • Proactive planning to stay ahead of component delays and long leadtimes
  • Proactive component substitution for End of Life or “hard to get components”
  • Providing full turnkey manufacturing services and distribution/fulfillment for select markets

The relationship between Optishot has deepened and now Invotek is a strategic development partner for new technologies.

With the help of Invotek, Optishot led the evolution of the golf simulation market to reflect the wishes of consumers.

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Optishot 2 was shipped from Invotek in under 5 months, on time and under budget.

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