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Staying Local Improves Quality
A Canadian company acquired the rights to supply 15,000 smart water meters per month. This undertaking would have been relatively simple but there was an issue with the vendor located outside of the country. Delivery was unreliable and the quality of the products was unsatisfactory. In order to maintain the contract, the company needed a more trustworthy partner preferably in Canada.

Invotek Is Your Local Factory
Upon forming the partnership, Invotek immediately assumed full program management from sketch to SKU. Assembly was optimized according to the required schematics and a regular testing regimen was implemented to ensure quality. The meters were also coated and packaged in the same facility to ensure consistency and quality. Invotek also included elements of sustainability by ensuring packaging was reusable. The overall result was timely production that came under budget and without any manufacturing defects.


A National and International Presence

The contract was fulfilled and the turnkey Invotek-built smart water meters are now in use by numerous services in Canada and the United States including:

  • All major telecom carriers in Canada and the US
  • Commercial & residential complexes
  • Trailer parks and mobile home subdivisions
  • Parks and playgrounds

Choose local for global success

Invotek Group delivered over 200
complex assemblies to make sure
you didn’t miss the kickoff.

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