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rugged industrial

rugged industrial

Harsh environments put pressure and strain on equipment.   Making sure a product is durable in any environment requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge of the factors involved and how to best maintain durability.

Weathering the storm
Harsh environments present a number of challenges for long term reliability of electronic systems. These can lead to strain on equipment and require more frequent maintenance. In a world where customers expect their infrastructure to be working at all times, there is no room for downtime. 

Efficient Collaboration
Having a local one-stop collaborator offers a manufacturer the ability to work together through all the stages of development. This can reduce the time to market and help maintain competitive advantage.

From Sketch to SKU
The Invotek Group of Companies has been assisting the development of rugged industrial products for 20 years and has evolved to meet the requirements of today’s market. Our process provides you with the assistance you need to bring your idea to reality. Our expertise will ensure the process is fast, smooth, and more importantly, done right.

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keeping you safe at night

A customer came to Invotek Group with a problem, they needed to launch a full turn-key lighting and control system from prototype to production in three months. …

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