We are your factory. Made in China.

Partner with an offshore expert in product design, engineering, and electronics manufacturing outsourcing services. With head offices in Hong Kong, count on our reputation for superior customer service and trusted expertise so you can deliver on time, and scale for opportunity, and still meet quality and regulatory demands.

80 Building SanJiang, Industrial Zone, Hengli Town, DongGuan, China

Depend on us to surpass your business requirements

Offshoring is sometimes the smartest choice for your business. With competitive pricing, quality you can count on, and an emphasis on collaboration with the team, MagMARA Technologies is your solution. Reduce costs, speed time-to-market, and free up your day so you can focus on innovation and differentiation for your business.

We are your factory

MagMARA Technologies provides highly reliable electronics manufacturing services, emphasizing superior customer service, along with world-class quality, globally competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. In addition, we offer highly skilled product design and engineering services.

  • Design and produce with a trusted partner

    Get your projects done quickly and efficiently where you can check in with the team to get a progress report or collaborate to make any sudden changes. Trust our reputation for true partnership to get your jobs done right.

  • Deliver on time and within budget

    Rest assured that your project is in good hands. We carefully streamline processes to avoid bottlenecks so you meet your schedule and budget demands.

  • Achieve quality goals

    Depend on our knowledge of global quality regulations and our singular expertise in engineering and product design to surpass your expectations.

  • Scale for opportunity

    We truly are your factory. Take advantage of those big opportunities and expand with MagMARA Technologies as your partner.

Find solutions across industries

Find solutions in any industry you're in. Our team has years of expertise in many industries, and the following are just some of the industries in which we specialize:

  • Automotive

    Shift toward electric vehicles and autonomous technology, yet continue to manufacture traditional vehicles, while maintaining safety and reliability.

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  • Consumer electronics

    Navigate the intricate global supply chain for components and materials you need to stay competitive in an industry where technology evolves swiftly.

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  • Energy management

    Create efficient, sustainable energy solutions while adapting to evolving regulations and ensuring reliability.

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  • Life sciences

    Meet stringent regulatory requirements while addressing quality concerns and maintaining security.

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  • Industrial and infrastructure

    Optimize production processes, ensure equipment reliability and safety, and enhance energy efficiency.

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  • Media and communications

    Adapt quickly to shifting content consumption habits and rapid technological advancements while managing a complex supply chain.

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Improve the design. Speed up the process. Deliver the product.