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life sciences

life sciences

Life science products have long been a significant factor in quality of life. The development of technologies designed to provide autonomy in health monitoring or to ease the burden of health requirements continues to grow year over year. More importantly, these advancements are changing the landscape to include quality from data and value.

MedTech Takes Over
In parallel with the rises in health monitoring in the home, the medical technology (medtech) sector has been increasing at rapid pace. The pull of the medical industry to develop new ideas for diagnostics and monitoring continues to grow in strength and represents a significant opportunity for life science firms.  

The growth in medtech has been spearheaded by optoelectronic diagnostics (eg MRI, CT, X-Ray), ophthalmology, and improved surgical visualizations both in the office and the operating theatre. However, non-imaging technology such as in vitro diagnostics and automated infection prevention and control devices have made significant gains in the market. Current needs include intelligent, connected, and smart devices that reduce the burden on human input and streamline operations.  

Use Local To Achieve A Global Impact
Due to the rigid regulatory requirements on life science and medtech innovations, firms must be prepared to mitigate any issue that arises during the development process whether here in Canada or abroad. They must be ready to comply with national standards without disruption of the supply chain. They must also have insight into new trends that can foster the evolution of products to the demands of consumers both globally and locally.

Having a local collaborator with an international footprint offers the ability to work in the present and prepare for the future. The proximity allows for more rapid and successful engagements with researchers, developers, and engineers so that turnaround for any required alterations can occur quickly and seamlessly. Having a global presence can also lead to an appreciation of any changes in consumer expectations so that product evolution can occur in a timely fashion.

From Sketch to SKU
The Invotek Group of Companies has been assisting the development and release of life science products for 20 years and has evolved to meet the requirements of today’s market. Our process provides you with the assistance you need to bring your idea to reality. Our expertise will ensure the process is fast, smooth, and more importantly, done right.

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