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    Meet evolving customer demands and outperform competitors with research, design, and prototyping expertise from Invotek Group. Bring innovative products to market with our robust product development capabilities.

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  • Customization and adaptability

    Get tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements, ensuring your products align perfectly with your brand and target market. Strong product development capabilities also allow for quick adjustments to adapt to changing conditions and preferences.

Take advantage of decades of cross-industry product development experience. Access the experts at Invotek Group to help you optimize and scale so you and your team can focus on strategy.

The product development expertise at Invotek Group can help your team increase innovation, find cost-effective solutions, and has a strong track record of on-time delivery. In a rapidly changing world, it’s tough to stay ahead, but the right product development partner can help you build innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Increased market share with factory services from MARA Technologies USA

Case Study

Life sciences

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Customer Story

Life sciences


To increase their market share, our customer needed to produce a fully integrated box build device at low cost but did not have the internal resources.


We provided full design, engineering, test development, and program management support for a complex printed circuit board assembly with mechanical metal enclosure.


The design and prototype were done in three months and full production was delivered three months later.