Increase efficiency, ensure quality, and improve competitiveness with the latest manufacturing technologies, techniques, and methodologies.

Manage customer expectations, maintain high quality, and avoid bottlenecks. Invotek Group strives for flawless launches and zero defects using proven tools and methods including the following:

  • Concurrent engineering
  • Optimized process controls
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • High-quality products

    Deliver superior goods to your customers, enhancing your reputation and customer satisfaction. Invotek Group has stringent quality control measures and robust production processes.

  • Cost savings

    Increase your profit margins with cutting-edge technology, lean manufacturing principles, and economies of scale to optimize production.

  • Innovation

    Gain access to decades of expertise and benefit from the latest advancements in materials, technology, and production techniques.

  • Scalability

    Scale up–or down–and manage changes in demand so you can meet market fluctuations and customer requirements without overcommitting resources.

Take advantage of decades of cross-industry manufacturing experience. Access the experts at Invotek Group to help you optimize and scale so you and your team can focus on strategy.

The manufacturing expertise at Invotek Group can help your team gain access to high-quality products, cost efficiencies, innovation, and the flexibility to adapt to market changes. In a rapidly changing world, it’s tough to stay ahead, but the right manufacturing partner can help you build innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Delivered new product to market on tight timeline

Case Study

Media and communications

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Customer Story

Media and communications


The customer needed a local partner who could quickly test, produce, and distribute a fully integrated product in a short time.


Due to the size of the product, we needed to open a second facility capable of meeting its space, fulfillment, and distribution requirements. Our can-do attitude and in-house expertise accelerated the launch and also created the means to scale production to suit the customer’s needs.


With the assistance of our long-term partners, we were able to launch a second manufacturing facility in Ontario in only three months. In less than six months, it was up and running and delivering finished units.