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Consumer Electronics

Simply put, consumer electronics have never been in higher demand. Traditional markets and new entries are competing for attention.  In addition, technology improvements have enable rapid development of launch of the next bigger and better device.

The era of making a better calculator is over. Now you need a mainframe in a shoebox.
Every consumer electronics item is expected to be more powerful than traditional desktop PCs and laptops. The advent of “smart” technology now requires electronics to act in part as a companion to a consumer’s lifestyle. People now rely on their electronics to add value and even improve one’s health, knowledge, and productivity.

Other obstacles that face consumer electronics manufacturers include the preference for domestically manufactured products, continued competition from copycat and OEM products, and supply-chain disruptions due to volatile trade markets global disruptions.

Trending is the new loyalty
The most pressing challenge is speed. The consumer electronics market is evolving faster than any other industrial sector and requires continual monitoring to identify changes in consumer behaviour as well as releases from competition. Due to the increased value on disposable income spending, consumers will not hesitate to purchase the latest fad.

Having a local collaborator offers numerous advantages to increase the speed of product development, optimization, regulatory approval, launch, and monitoring. Response times are shortened as necessary changes to manufacturing can be implemented quickly. In addition, testing and scaleable launches can be done effectively.

From Sketch to SKU
The Invotek Group of Companies has been assisting the development and release of consumer electronics for 20 years and has evolved to meet the requirements of today’s market. Our process provides you with the assistance you need to bring your idea to reality. Our expertise will ensure the process is fast, smooth, and more importantly, done right.

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