Simplify operations by partnering with a full turnkey solution provider that handles all stages of production, from design to distribution, reducing costs and time to market.

Choose Invotek Group as your single accountable partner that ensures seamless coordination and reliability. Streamline operations, reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, and get single-point accountability. These benefits can help your business operate more efficiently, respond to market dynamics, and achieve cost savings while maintaining product quality. Invotek Group has the experience and global capabilities to be your one-stop-source, from design to fulfillment, on product creations:

  • Turnkey solution from inception to production
  • Product life cycle management
  • Full engineering services
  • Custom packaging design and sourcing
  • Custom logistics, fulfillment, and distribution modes and solution
  • Streamlined operations

    Reduce the need for managing multiple suppliers. Simplify operations for your business and have Invotek Group streamline the supply chain, saving time and resources.

  • Cost efficiency

    Benefit from reduced production costs, as well as decreased overhead expenses associated with managing multiple suppliers.

  • Faster time-to-market

    Accelerate time-to-market for new products with rapid prototyping and product development capabilities, which enables your business to quickly respond to changing market demands.

  • Single-point accountability

    Simplify communication, issue resolution, and project management with one point of contact. Expect more reliability and coordination and less risk of miscommunication and project delays.

Take advantage of decades of cross-industry turnkey experience. Access the experts at Invotek Group to help you optimize and scale so you and your team can focus on strategy.

Full turnkey solutions encompass the entire production process, from design and prototyping to assembly and distribution. In a rapidly changing world, it’s tough to stay ahead, but the right turnkey partner can help you build innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Scaled production with a full turnkey solution—fast

Case Study


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Customer Story



When market changes led to increased demand for their product, our customer sought a reliable partner who could scale production in just three months.


We provided Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) and full supply chain, engineering, and manufacturing support. The Invotek Group signature flexibility, out-of-the-box thinking, and overall dynamic were all factors in reducing the time it took to reach our target to one-third the industry average.


We delivered proto samples to regulators within weeks and were fully tested and in high-volume production in three months.