Enhance efficiency, quality, and competitiveness with the right engineering technologies, techniques, and methodologies. Done right. Done fast.

Address supply chain disruptions, new technology implementation, and sustainability while managing customer expectations. Trust engineering and design professionals at Invotek Group with expertise in several sectors including the following:

  • Automation and robotics
  • Advanced materials and nanotechnology
  • Data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Renewable energy and sustainable technologies
  • Turnkey product design

    Simplify your entire product development and manufacturing process for greater efficiency, cost savings, quality assurance, risk reduction, and faster time-to-market. Outsource the design and development process to the industry experts at Invotek Group so you can focus on and nurture your core business activities.

  • Supplemental design resources

    Support your in-house design team with expertise, speed, and scalability. This collaborative approach enhances product development efforts, leading to better-designed products and improved competitiveness in the market.

  • Problem resolution

    Identify and resolve problems quicker with specialized expertise, rapid response, and cost-efficient solutions from Invotek Group. We offer objectivity, scalability, and access to advanced tools and technologies that enhance problem-solving efforts and improve overall operational efficiency and product quality.

  • Cost reduction

    Enhance profitability–and competitiveness–by reducing production costs through process optimization, material substitution, and the adoption of lean manufacturing principles. Expert analysis from Invotek Group can offer customized strategies, cost benchmarking, and training and knowledge transfer.

Take advantage of decades of cross-industry engineering experience. Access the experts at Invotek Group to help you optimize and scale so you and your team can focus on strategy.

The engineering expertise at Invotek Group can help your team streamline processes, maintain high product quality, and reduce costs with concurrent engineering solutions. In a rapidly changing world, it’s tough to stay ahead, but the right engineering partner can help you build innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Sped new product to market in nine months

Case Study

Life sciences

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The customer needed a new medical device designed and launched in less than a year to meet stakeholder expectations.


We provided full design, engineering, and program management support. Our in-house, all-encompassing capabilities enabled us to be flexible, react quickly, and deliver.


We completed design and prototyping in six months, work that typically takes a year. The new product was in full production three months later.