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Vehicles have transformed from a tool to an extension of our lives. Much like a smart phone or watch, the cars, trucks, vans, and buses need to be connected in order to be compatible with out lifestyles. But it’s not all about entertainment. Being connected can lead to increased productivity and safety.

A Split Second Difference

Having a connected vehicle can improve safety over many of the current measures used in higher end vehicles including radar, and onboard cameras, which are based on reactions. Connections to a larger grid can reduce the risk of reaction and ensure that a vehicle moves according to the flow of the traffic in real time. The savings may only be a few tenths of a second but it can help to prevent collisions and reduce the likelihood of serious injury. Considering traffic accidents are the number one cause of death in children and young adults, having a connected vehicle will be not just a want, but a need.   

Keeping A Productive Pace

Connected vehicles offer the opportunity to track the movement of any shipment whether it is a local delivery from a restaurant to a large conveyance on a long haul. The benefits can improve the bottom line for a company by offering more streamlined and faster routes and help the environment by reducing fuel use and emissions. But these are just the beginning. Other benefits that improve operations include data collection for shipping performance, identification of proper parking slots, and increased security not only for the vehicle but those inside. As bandwidths grow, so will the potential for connection.

Having a local collaborator will allow a company to stay current with the growing capacity of the internet and the ability to carry more services. Having the added advantage of third-party logistics can ensure the service provided is complete and always up to speed with both software and firmware upgrades. The close proximity can also provide opportunities to brainstorm new ideas to stay ahead of the pack. 

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