The Invotek Group of companies enables our clients and partners to utilize our global facilities as ‘Your Factory’. The Invotek ‘Your Factory” business model is a true differentiator in the electronics manufacturing industry. ‘Your Factory’ is a true partnership providing companies with solutions to their Outsourcing needs with the flexibility and control of having “In house Capabilities” without the capital expense.

  • Invotek ‘Your Factory’ delivers the following benefits:
  • Concurrent development and launch processes
  • Just-in-Time delivery with flexible manufacturing schedules
  • Rigorous engineering and quality processes
  • Ability to provide customers with supplemental engineering services
  • Continuous focus on cost, quality, and delivery

The Invotek ‘Your Factory” business model:

Optishot 2 was shipped from Invotek in
under 5 months, on time and under budget.

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Your Factory